Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have you been good or bad ?

- This is just the perfect thing to wear that christmas morning or another morning. Such an elegant piece by Jenny Packham, you can find it at

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas for me means getting to be cozy and family time which is already the case all year around but especially at christmas. I love when it starts to snow outside and I'm inside wearing an oversized sweater and thick socks and having pillows behind my back and a blanket over me while eating bunch of delicious food and snacks and watching a movie. That's the best feeling !

Now I know a lot of people that have been bad this year but I bet that they will get presents anyway, I'm not one of them though haha. One thing that I have had on my must buy list for a while now is a GO PRO camera, I can't get enough of cameras they are like my toys. What's on your wish list ?

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Laura said...

Wow, the jacket is so pretty, perfect to wear in the morning and I love Christmas, too.
Unfortunately it hasn't snowed yet where I live, but
I'm still hoping for a white Christmas.. :)